Thursday, May 24, 2007


Slowly but surely everything is getting mixed up

What do we mean?

Notice music has always had distinct genres such as classical, jazz, rock and so on

Amongst these groups are areas where they combine elements of the others

Language the same, most languages today contain elements and phrases taken from others

Values once the preserve of one group spread into another

Fashion is more and more global

As is car design or modern furniture

The point?

When all of us see, hear and use the same things

Minds absorbing the same music, fashions, tastes, images

We move into dangerous waters

Once diversity was understood to be valuable

Today we will tell you what to eat, think, wear and so on

What are you?

A cypher?

Take back your own rights

Think, eat and choose for your own needs

Take back your life

Beware the mixing of everything into one large blob of conformity

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