Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mmmmm - 46

‘The finest type of meditation is a turning of the soul toward the light within in aspiration to be of greater service, without exaggerated longing for some special revelation.

Any method of meditation that helps us to lessen our self-centeredness is beneficial; if it increases egocentricity, it is harmful. ...

‘The most fruitful meditation, therefore, is an absorption of thought and aspiration in the noblest ideal we can envision.

We will not need to worry about specific postures, techniques, or gurus; there will be a natural inflow of light into the nature, for our inner master, our real guru, is our Self.’

(TLTL 106-12)


Anonymous said...

Meditating for years now in the mornings on getting up. Attempting following the breath, always not possible so many thoughts, yet some small moments always with thoughts of higher quality come and fill the body with light. These change the day. On days not done the differncfe is felt.

Antony said...

Just the discipline of daily meditation helps the day