Saturday, May 12, 2007

One off

Events can change your life

Change it's course forever

Most of us on reflection will agree that the pivotal moments in our lives are unplanned

We do not plan the chance meeting

The unexpected encounter

The remark that sticks

The insight that we suddenly experience

These moments might not be accidental

In fact there are no accidents

None ever

It might appear that way

At our level of consciousness we find it hard to believe that nature can arrange what she wants when she wants

So take this onboard and next time something truly remarkable happens

Give it more respect

Understand these experiences are always on several levels

Meaning that the more you think about it

The more you will see levels of understanding

Levels of lesson

Levels of teaching

Be aware

We all of us have several major such experiences in our lives

Do not waste yours

They are there to guide and teach us

Take advantage of yours

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