Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Male teenagers

Are without doubt some of, if not the, most dangerous animals on this planet

Used by senior gangs because they are under the age where they can be treated in the same way as adults in numerous countries

Fighting as soldiers in many conflicts in the third world

In previous times society disciplined its young

In many countries today this is no longer the case

Often badly educated

Without jobs

Knowing no sense of mortality

Frequently without good judgement

Lacking purpose
Zero or poor relationships in the family
In fact often from disfunctional families

What are we to do?

Whatever anyone says this group are an indictment on society

Putting them in prison or under restraint does little to change things

Probably nothing or little because they are often living in poor areas

Programs to educate often fail because it is too late for many of them

What a waste

Over time this problem will not go away

Watch it grow as society moves on

Be careful too teenage violence can involve many unwary people

Pity the teenager without a future.

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