Thursday, August 09, 2007


Temper can ruin our lives

Can destroy our most important relationships

Can ruin otherwise fine situations

Can spring from us without warning

Someone presses our buttons and off we go

Caught unprepared and off we go anger boiling over

Fighting to the death over trivialities

Tired of this?

Then start by being wrong a few times

Try being wrong and saying so even if you do not believe it


Because one of the sources of our temper is our defending our space, in this case what we think is right

It doe snot matter if you are right when you destroy another person or attack them with violence

Be wrong say so

Take a deep breath, turn around, breath deeply, then face the other person and say I am wrong

Clearly simply in those words I am wrong please excuse me sorry

Yes try the word sorry as well

Move into areas where you accept that it does not matter if you are right or wrong

It matters more that you attack another human

Decide to stop it

Not tomorrow, now today

Practice saying to yourself I am wrong, sorry

Do it

Nothing changes without our deciding to change

Your call

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