Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anger again

and again

So many people feel anger at various aspects of their lives

Aspects they feel they cannot control

Feeling they must hide this anger

That they cannot let it out

Then finally out comes the frustration on their partners or friends over some trivial incident

Something totally unrelated

Bewildered partners or friends wonder what they have done to deserve such an outburst.

The violence being out of all proportion to the incident

Often once the explosion has happened they come back to normal behaviour

Until the next time that is

If this is your pattern then please look at your life

Find with honesty where you have intolerable pressure

Where you should change something

Then change it because of you do not then it is quite probable that you will damage something much more important to you


Because often when angry we attack those closest to us

Then we do great damage to the very one we care about

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