Sunday, September 02, 2007

Do I have fear

First question what is fear?

What we feel when we are in danger.

What we feel if we have no home, no money

What we feel when our car goes out of control.

For most of us fear comes in several different guises.

We have cultural fears.

Our country is in danger of invasion, going to war

Family fears are when we have genetic defects in the family, mental illness problems from one generation to another,

Personal fears can be fear of losing my job, my wife, my children.

On top of these come worries about disease, cancer, diabetes, MS, ME and AIDS.

Then we have fear generated by non-stop bad news in the media.

Advertisers who deliberately create fear to sell their products.


Few if any modern humans do not have fear in some shape or form.

Many will use words like stress, pressure, worries, tension all are just other words for fear.

And which are my fears?

Often we do not know because we tend to hide those things that frighten us

Ask people who know you if they observe or know things about you that indicate that you have fear.

Do you avoid certain things, if so why?

Do you tell yourself stories about why you do not do certain things?

Do you ask others to do certain things for you?

Are you living in reality?

Are you?

Or are you living in denial of fear?

Fear has less power when you let it out and look at it.

Get at your fears it makes life more comfortable

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