Friday, May 23, 2008

We all need time

To ourselves

For ourselves

Do you get time for yourself?

Do you take time for yourself?

Often we get so caught up and so busy that we do not make time for ourselves

For a while this is fine then comes the day where things come unglued and bang

We lose our cool and explode

This experience can shake us to see how violent we can be

Afterwards we can experience a great tiredness

Not nice

We wonder where did that come from?

Frequently our life sweeps us up again and we push aside thoughts about our outburst

Shrugging our shoulders, getting on with our life

Guess what in a few weeks, months or even years the same will happen again

Certain things might push our buttons and make us explode

These are important as the root cause once identified can be alleviated

However today we are looking at the time you give yourself

However busy your life

However much you love your partner, children your mother whoever

Take time for yourself

Make time for yourself it allows you to see where things are going well and other areas where maybe you need to give some attention

It is surprising how many people do not know themselves

Always have reasons why they cannot find time to do things purely for themselves

Do not be one of them because ignoring your own needs leads to problems

Problems that will not go away without your attention

But apart from anything else it is nice to create and spend time with ourselves

It changes the rhythm of our life

It shows us clearly how wound up we are, where we have tension

It gives us different perspectives

Giving time to ourselves is not a luxury it is important to our well being

Take time for yourself.

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