Thursday, July 31, 2008

After they have gone

What do you know about your grandparents or parents for that matter?

Did you ever talk to them about their lives?

Do you know what they did?

Not just the stuff you heard

How about when they were young?

What excitements came their way?

Did they do any crazy things?

Chances are if they did some crazy stuff they have not told anyone about it

Did they see amazing things?

What interesting things do they know about your family?

So much will just die with them.

Shame really because everyone has a story

In fact many of our parents and grandparents have lots of interesting anecdotes

You might be surprised at what they did or experienced in their younger lives

Why not find out

Once they are gone it's too late

You will probably find some photo or memento that looks as if it has a story

Too late they've gone and the story with them

Just buy a simple little tape recorder and ask them some questions about their lives

Their stories just might give you some important insights into your own life

After they have gone it's too late

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