Monday, June 30, 2008


When will it end?

Time after time we see pictures of Mugabe and his cronies untroubled by world opinion

Intent on staying in power at all costs

One country can end it easily South Africa

Simply turning off the power and applying a little pressure

However this they do not want to do


Because "Bob" was a freedom fighter and so he can do no evil according to the South African President

Yet slowly but surely African and World opinion is changing
And in the world at large greater revulsion for this evil man and his cronies
A horror for sure as those living under his misrule would attest
And for the World maybe just maybe we can see a move towards the point where action can be taken against such behaviour
Slowly slowly the tide is turning against despots and dictators who behave so badly
Probably not in our lives, but maybe our children can live in a world where murder on a national scale is no longer ignored
For all of us it is important that we make known our feelings
Internet petitions might not seem very powerful, however slowly but surely they can persuade our politicians that action and condemnation are what we want them to push for
Every little helps
Make your statement every time you can

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