Monday, June 09, 2008

Teeth and the rest

And the rest of our bodies require maintenance

When did you last visit the dentist?

Modern dental techniques are evolving fast

As are new materials and scanning devices
No excuses

Do not leave your teeth unchecked

Problems take a while to emerge but cost so much more in time and treatment if left too long

Take time to check your teeth regularly

And while you are at it take a moment to look at the rest of you

Without doubt our health is our most important asset

Unfortunately we usually treat our health as a given until something goes wrong

Then things can already be too late

Cancer and other life threatening diseases do not normally announce themselves until the later stages

So to ensure that we are in good health is just basic insurance

This does not mean endless paranoia

But it does mean giving respect to your system

Health is too important to neglect
Ask anyone you know who does not have good health
Once you let it go it is difficult to get it back
So be smart

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