Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And to you too

Is often our reaction when someone swears or is rude to us

It is an instinctive thought that comes to mind when people are rude to us

In fact many of us would want to swear and shout back

Some do

Some can control their emotions

Some can watch the other party with more objectivity

For most it is naturally unpleasant to receive abuse

And our reaction is often one of anger

Unfortunately anger is not helpful to our growing

Anger does nothing for our nervous system

If you are a violent person then learn to let it out in a gym or by doing some sport where violence is acceptable

Then take the next step and start to figure out why you are violent
Why you get angry so quickly
Do this because if you do not then your violence can not only get you into serious trouble but it will also damage your health

So many things seem fine when we are young

They are not so fine though when we get older

Funny really how few young people have the idea to look at those older than themselves to see who remains in good health and who is damaged

It would seem a logical thing to do

Like so many other things in life often the obvious does not get our attention

We are too busy doing other things

So notice those who seem to have it together

Those who have aged nicely

Notice also how the angry ones usually disappear

How often they encounter bad health

How no one wants to be with them

Let go your own anger

Take time to do those things that are helpful to growing older with better health

Age nicely please
Make life a pleasure for those around you.

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