Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heard it before

Nothing you say is new

I have heard it all before

Some of it many times

I am sure you have

And if you have then why aren't you further ahead in your growth?

Why doesn't your life work better ?

Because while you might have heard you didn't hear
Too unkind to say in one ear and out the other
Because you remember hearing it before but it has not affected you
It has not acted as a catalyst

Let us say you were not ready to hear

For all of us we only take things on-board when we are ready

Ready to truly hear

And this is why we need to hear things over and over again until one day we get it
And this in turn can only happen when we are ready to grow

Often as a result of experiencing the same problem over and over until slowly we begin to realise that we might be the cause

Having felt pain over and over


Because we are not open to learn

We are not ready to learn

We are frightened to take what seems like a risk

To do what seems like something more dangerous

Notice you keep getting the same problem

Yes this is how it works nature will keep giving you the same situation or choices over and over until you learn to change your behaviour

Like groundhog day if you like an analogies

So what keeps happening to you in your life?

Over and over

Same problem with every relationship perhaps?

At some point hopefully you will realise that the real problem is not your partners

It is you

Nature will give you the same partner over and over until you do get it

It will just keep on happening

So hear it one more time and let's hope that this time the light goes on

If you want to find the way out of your problems then be open to hear

The answer is in you

Not out there

In you, you are the only one who can change things

No guru, no master


Inside you is what needs changing

So be open, hear what people say to you

Hear what they do not say

Listen to that little voice inside
Have the courage to ask

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