Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Russian women

Before the revolution had rights on a par with those of men, and in some cases their privileges were far greater

Since the days of Catherine II, she was sole mistress of her property, the husband having no right to one kopeck without the wife's legal signature

That a poor woman, marrying a rich man, having on the other hand a legal right to his property during his life, and to a certain portion after his death, whether he wills it or not, and also a right to the maintenance of herself and children whatever she does
If seperated, not divorced, and the husband was a public official, a certain portion was deducted from his salary and paid over to the wife
That a woman holding property and paying taxes is obliged to give her vote, whether personally or by proxy

And that so greatly was she protected by law that even a child born between nine and ten months after the husband's death was considered legitimate by law. simply because abnormally prolonged gestation does casually happen

The law stated that it was more consonant with the law of Christ to forgive nine guilty women, rather than wrong the tenth who may be innocent.
And then along came Communism
And then again how about today?

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