Sunday, July 27, 2008


Trying to be cool

Not so easy when you are in a strange place

Know no one

Cannot speak the language

Had your passport and possessions stolen

No money either that went too

What to do?

If you are near or in an airport you are lucky because someone will speak a language you do

If you are due to fly then they might be able to confirm your reservation, which if they can will allow you to ask them to contact someone who can help you

If you are in a city then again try to move to a place where your identity can be retrieved or confirmed

Simple points

Never carry important papers or documents all in one place

Wear a money belt or similar concealed protection

Try to have important items on your body and not in separate bags which can be stolen

Do not wave money or other items of value about

Be conscious of those around you, move away from those who seem to pay too much attention

Do not put items into easily accessible pockets

Have emergency numbers for mobile phone theft, cards, tickets and other valuable information in a separate pocket

Learn key numbers by heart

Report the thefts to your local embassy or local police as often they can help

Even if they cannot or will not help they will often give you a report copy, which can come in useful later if you are insured

Make sure others know where you are and when you should make contact

There are few feelings worse than having all your important items stolen

Most of us experience something of this nature at least once in our lives

Do not be caught out

Be more conscious when travelling

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