Thursday, August 21, 2008

Accumulative rubbish

And just how much rubbish do we watch?

Not just the violent stuff

All the soaps, sitcoms and reruns

So much of what passes for informed comment is rubbish too

Lobbyists are so insidious that everything today is spun

Maybe that's why we like the weather forecasts

They are not yet spun to suit some interest group

Then again who knows?

Well not too often anyway

They offer a chance of a nice day maybe

A nice day tomorrow perhaps

Then again we might be approaching more storms in our life or in the weather

How will we handle them?

We come again to our choices

Choices that we can find easier if we are sorted in ourselves

Are you sorted.yet?

Let go the rubbish in your life

Start with what you watch on tv

Watch programs without violence, well try anyway

Nature, history, discovery, sport and educational interest

And if this is not easy then go on line and surf stumble or some such

Break lazy patterns
Free time for nice activities you choose
Not those chosen for you by some tv company

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