Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad day

Difficult night's sleep


Wake up feeling grumpy

Everything negative nothing is worth doing

No point to anything

Might as well drop dead

Most of us have iffy days

Experiencing the attack of negative entities

Everything irritates and frustrates

Get busy

Talk to others

Concentrate on something where you have no time to be self pitying

Do something where you need total concentration

Push thoughts away stay busy

After a while the iffy day will retreat

Iffy days are inevitable in a world like ours

Stress and pressure are not avoidable

They are also cumulative

Do not be fooled others also experience the same

Walking past them it is hard to see that they too feel an iffy day

This is one reason we feel so bad everybody else seems fine

Just focus on doing something positive today

Make today special

So when the day is over you can say to yourself I did right today

Do it.

Then take the next step which is to look at your life and decide to change those things that are not working

Only you can initiate this

Bad days will become less and less once you sort your life and determine to enjoy each and every day.


Anonymous said...

I needed to hear this this morning! Thank you! AA

Antony said...

My pleasure!