Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Depression today

Affects many millions of people

Those who are confirmed as being depressed by their doctors at least know they are diagnosed depressed

Others suffer from depression but do not really understand or accept being depressed

More are depressed from time to time

Yet others confuse depression with the state of the world or business or their relationship

In other words depression comes in all shapes and sizes

Some signs though

Have you been feeling sad, down in the dumps?

Do you still enjoy (your job, sports, hobbies)?

Do you often feel tired?

Do you have trouble sleeping or do you sleep too much?

Have you been gaining or losing weight?

Do you often feel down on yourself, or that everything is your fault?
Do you have trouble making decisions or concentrating on your work?

Do you often feel agitated or like you can barely move?

Do you ever feel that life is not worth living?

Any or some of the above over the last few weeks indicate that yes there is a good chance that indeed you are suffering from depression

Depression is a tough illness and yes it can be called an illness

It is a tough illness because there is no easy cure and no one solution fits all cases

No pill can take you out of it although some might claim to do so

At best allopathic drugs can smooth you out

Unfortunately constant usage frequently brings other problems sometimes worse than the illness itself

Depression is so hard to get out of because once in a downward spiral it is tough to reverse

It is possible though and here is a thought

All depression is at root fear in one shape or another

Locate the fear or fears and you have a chance to reverse or remove the depression

In other words what is the root cause?
Fears are usually well hidden for the simple reason we do not like to look at them let alone confront them

So to get at them usually needs help
Unfortunately good help is often difficult to find and invariably expensive

What to do?

First step acknowledge that you have or are in depression

Second step engage in all activities that oblige you to stop thinking about your problems
Do those things that require full attention and concentration

Meditate if you know how if not then find ways to bring peace into your mind maybe through music maybe dance, anything again to lift you from your extreme absorption with your problems

Embrace the idea of appreciation for what you have and not a focus on what you do not have

Let go of yesterday and your history it's gone leave it be

Your future is unknown so leave it there without endless worry

Stay in the present moment it's the safest place to be

Depression builds over time so it takes time to undo

Decide to take steps to lead a more active life

Do exercise one way or another it does not need heroic activities rather those that allow you to feel and use your body

Find at least one reason why it is good to be here

Then another

Fight any negative thoughts or self doubt.

Find out what you want in life.

You might well know some of these things the trick though is to find some way to actually bring them into reality, to live them.

Find activities to do to replace negative thoughts or to occupy you when feeling confused,

It is very important to find activities and to do them,

Stay with them as long as possible without over stressing,

If one doesn't help then try another.

Read more, learn how to develop and maintain a positive attitude

Also how to live life and feel confident to start life over for this is often what needs to be done

Starting life over with new habits and forcing those positive thoughts until they begin to emerge by themselves

Accept that your life is not important to anyone else except you and you have to take charge and not live the life of a victim.

You are only a victim until you accept that only you can change your life situation

At this point you are no longer a victim but the responsible party for what happens to you

It can be very distressing listening to other stories of hard times.

Everyone has had bad times so when you are in yours stay away from those who like to add to your gloom

You need to find some activities that occupy your time and thought.

Keep looking and trying, if it doesn't work try something else.

Exercise as much as possible; force yourself to walk

Make commitments to do things with active people, activities leave less time for negative thoughts

Do not spend endless time in discussions and dwelling on the past.

Help people with some activities, or join groups, particularly with children and animals, they don't dwell in the past.

Some people gain comfort from animals and they are never negative!.

Be patient and believe you are not alone in this illness and will lead your own life again.

Over many lives we all experience depression the trick is to decide to get well again

Find the beauty of life it is there just needs you to decide to find it

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