Saturday, August 16, 2008

Feeling sick

Take a paracetamol

Feeling better?

Ever thought that flu, colds and other non life threatening illnesses are there to teach us

To bring us up short

Slow us down

Some might say we just "catch" colds or flu

Not so others would reply there are no accidents

We get colds and flu because our immune systems are not strong enough

And if your immune systems are not strong enough have you even noticed?

And if you did notice did you just ignore the warnings?

Until you got sick and were obliged to acknowledge it

Do you use this time when you are sick or do you just lie there feeling sorry for yourself?

It is a good time to think, about your life and what is going on

You might even find the true cause of your current sickness if you look hard enough

Might though most will not

Sickness is an unusual time, a time when our normal life goes out of the window

Use your sick time to heal more than the inconvenience of whatever it is that has put you in bed.

Seldom in our scurrying, hurrying world of non stop movement do we stop to think

Next time think what are you not doing with your life?

What are you avoiding?

Illness is natures way of slowing us down

Offering us the opportunity to consider our lives and what we are doing with them

Feeling sick is not just the disease that's the symptom not the cause

Go look for the causes in your life

Chances are fear is lurking somewhere

Find it or nature will keep slowing you down until you do


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