Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mmmmm - 61

Could he acquire the conviction that our brain can be the only organ of thought in the whole universe

That everything in this world, save that organ, should be unconditioned and senseless, and that human thought alone should impart to the universe a meaning and a reasonable harmony in its integrity

If, in our conceptions of the Universe it be our fate to fall into illusions, then "illusion" has at least, the advantage of being very consoling.

For, it shows to me an intelligent Universe and the activity of forces working in it harmoniously and intelligently;

and that my "I" is not the product of chemical and histological elements but an embodiment of a common universal Mind

The latter, I sense and represent to myself as acting in free will and in consciousness in accordance with the same laws which are traced for the guidance of my own mind,

but only exempt from that restraint which trammels human conscious individuality

The limitless and the eternal, is not only a postulate of our mnd and reason, but a gigantic fact in itself

What would become of our ethical or moral principle were not the everlasting and integral truth to serve it as a foundation!

Dr Pirogoff

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