Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So many

People are not in touch with their hearts

Or put more accurately their higher self

The higher self that is connected to all of us

Is this important?

Yes very

Those people who live only in their minds do not have the same balance as those who live in both their minds and hearts

They have no possibility to grow far as individuals

To evolve their consciousness

Modern society though is forever extolling the virtues of mind.

Mind is the bedrock of our reductionist world

A world based on the values of reductionist thinking

Mind is rated above all else

Unfortunately over time those who only live in their minds lose the ability to feel and they become disconnected from their higher consciousness

In simple language they lose the ability to feel emotions

They have become calculators

Everything they see or touch is based on a calculation of it's benefit or loss to them

No other criteria are considered

Simply what is in this for me?

Unfortunately when you lose the ability to feel emotions you are losing a most important human quality

That of your relationship to your higher self

Which operates through the heart and thence through our emotions
So as you lose the ability to express or feel emotions so a part of you dies

What is left is a dry sad being

Often a righteous angry one

There are plenty around you

Have a look

Beings who only function on a simple cost benefit basis

We call them selfish and spoilt people

Egotistical often

Make the choice to enhance your relationship with your emotions and heart

Learn to listen to that small voice that is your higher self guiding you

Should you choose not to then no worries you will just have to re-live this life over again until you do

And yes that is what really happens when we fail to learn the lessons we came into this life to learn

Not a very exciting prospect living life over and over to learn the same lesson

So pay attention to the needs of your heart.

Life is so much more powerful and harmonious when you do

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