Friday, September 19, 2008


Can you ask for help?

Do you know who to talk to?

Who can you turn to?

Who can you trust?

Are you introvert or extrovert?

Do you normally discuss your problems with others?

Or do you bottle things inside?

Lots of questions

Lots of permutations

Important though because as they say "no man is an island"

Meaning there are times when we all need help

Another different point of view


Will you get it?

Depends to a large extent on how those you ask see you

If you frequently bullshit and exaggerate

Then guess what, they will tend to believe that you are probably exaggerating again

If you seldom or never share then how will they know what or who you really are?

A price to be paid then for how you are in normal times

Consider this as payback for your behaviour

If you have created a certain image in peoples minds then this is what they will respond to

We are making the point here that how people see us is how they will respond to us when we are in trouble and need help

All of us need help from time to time and usually there are only a limited number of people we can turn to for help

Determine that from today on that you will present yourself in a pleasant and honest way

Cut out the games you play

And of course before you can do this you need to know your own games

The games you play not only with the world but with yourself

Not easy because you have been doing this all your life

For a start begin considering the needs of others before yourself

Can you do this?

Do you?

Needing help one day is less likely if you are known to be selfish and egotistical

Yes what goes round does come around

So the nicer you are the more likely others will be there for you in your hour of need

Help starts with us helping ourselves

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