Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saying goodbye

Is something we all do

In fact a lot of life is hallo goodbye

On a daily basis we say hallo and goodbye probably many times
Usually without thought
Already preoccupied with what we are going to do next
When we visit airports it seems different
When we say goodbye there it is more serious, more defined in a way
Often the impending separation is going to be longer
The parting is harder
Emotions come out
Tears maybe
Whatever, we find ourselves drawn out of our usual hurry and bustle

Is our emotion for our own loss?

Or for our own self pity?

For being left behind?

No matter goodbye however said is in a sense to acknowledgin change

A change in our lives when someone we care about leaves

After they have left how do we feel?

How do we remember them?

How do we carry on?

We can hold on to the memory, but it's tough

Better maybe to let go

Trying to hold that emotion doesn't work over time

Get on with your own life with pleasure

Whether or not they are coming back life is to be lived

Holding on to a sad memory is not helpful

We might all do it sometimes

Decide to move on decide to be busy

Choose not to endlessly think about that person even if you are both in love it is not so clever

Live your own life for that is what we are all here to do

Say goodbye turn around and let go

Derive pleasure from the simple things in your life

Pleasure from being alive

Pleasure that the other one exists and is out there somewhere doing the same maybe

Time passes quicker when we are busy and involved

It drags more when we live in our minds

And anyway goodbye is just a prelude to another hallo

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