Friday, November 14, 2008


Or if you prefer diazepam as it is now called

Is still being prescribed by doctors

And we are still getting people coming to us who are troubled as a result

What happens is something like this

You go to your doctor and he prescribes diazepam

You take it and it makes you feel better

It gives you a numb feeling

Blanks out your emotions so everything becomes sort of dull

It can calm you down

But if you take it all through life you sleepwalk

Nothing touches you

Regular users take them three times a day, as prescribed

Life revolves around them
You have to have your tablets

Just to feel safe

And if you forget them hysterics and panic can follow

Even though you build up a tolerance for them you can keep right on taking three a day

Your body craves them

All sorts of symptoms arrive

Feeling unwell

With so many non specific things

Feeling strange and dizzy


Sound is magnified

Lights are too bright

Feeling like a hypochondriac

And to come off it?

It can take years
Make you feel really ill

Speech slurred

Feeling Permanently tired

And if you stay with then yes you can get your life back
If you do then the feeling will be like a second chance at life
Quite amazing we are told
If you are on anything like diazepan then be careful
Think twice please

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