Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Learning love

Is a funny title however it is amazing how many people have never really considered the subject

Love of nature

Love of life

Loving someone

Different types maybe, different feelings or are they?

Love is the core impulse of our universe, the first impulse

And in your life what love is there, how core is love in your life?

Love of someone maybe

Maybe not

Maybe all alone

If you are in love then nourish and look after it because love taken for granted or untended has a habit of going away

Love of nature is something that will always return your wonder

Beauty is in our eyes and that beauty leads us to a love of nature
Thereafter nature is always there for us even in our times of despair or illness

Love of things though that can never last because things have no way to respond to your love

Well not often anyway

So understand the difference between wanting and love

They are so different

Love is unconditional wanting is just selfish

I want

And as they say I want never gets

So let wanting go find love in your heart it's not about logic love grows as we let go, as we open ourselves

And that cannot happen until we let go of our fears

Yes that fear thing again

To be free is to be free of fear

Love cannot exist easily when we are filled with fear
So learning love is a not a phony idea
Start by loving nature it's all around us all the time
Little and large all around us
Pay attention open your heart to love, practice on nature
Then expand this to life itself
You wanted to come into this life
We all did, we all signed up for what we are now experiencing
So make the most of it
Life goes so fast spend it learning about love
Full on no holding back
Live life in love and your life changes in so many positive ways
Oh and you do not need to wait just get on learning about love now today
Love comes from inside you not from outside in
So use your life learning to live it in love and not in judgement and fear

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