Monday, December 15, 2008

Our stars

The star under which a human entity is born will remain its star for all its rebirths in any one Manvantara or active cycle of lives

One active cycle lasts for 4.3 billion years

We are over half way through our cycle

We are in the fifth sub race of the fifth race

There will be two more sub-races in this race

We then leave this, the fifth race, and enter the sixth race

In total there will be seven races

With numerous sub-races in every major race

That is to say many many thousands of rebirths for all of us

And the star we are talking about?

Not our astrological star

The astrological star is connected with the personality

The personality lasts only for one life while the individuality lasts for every life

The personality dies at the end of each life while the individuality joins and is reunited with our divine or spiritual entity in a conscious manner once each life is over

The real us if you will

The star being spoken of here is our divine or father star known in other lands as our particular Dhyani-Buddha

There are seven rays which radiate from the central or spiritual sun and each of us belongs to one of these rays

Each ray is presided over by a Dhyani-Buddha, which in turn is guided, controlled and over shadowed by the divine wisdom

We form part of our divine star and this is the star towards which we struggle to return to and become a conscious part of

Returning from whence we came if you will

The truth is that all of us have a divine star which is a part of us and which we are part of

An infinitesimal part for sure

Think of being one half of an atom if you want a size

A self reflective consciousness nevertheless

A consciousness that is over many lives able to understand more and more about where we come from and what we really are

So when you next look up at the stars see their relationship to us in a new way

Our stars are part of our heritage they are us

You could even say that we are a stars way of looking at stars

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