Sunday, December 21, 2008

So sure

Of their rightness

So sure that what they believe is correct

No way to discuss with them let alone cause a change of mind

Fanaticism is not very attractive

And yet it surrounds us, daily we are told of events conducted in their name, usually violent, usually about people being murdered in the name of

Radical Islam is one of the most prevalent and vocal voices

Appeasement did not work with Hitler and it is unlikely to work now

Time for Muslims everywhere to stand up to those who abuse in the name of their religion

Time to make known their disagreement with radicals who preach violence and murder innocent people

Why should Muslims do this?

Because it is in the name of their Prophet that many of these atrocities are being committed

It is in the name of Islam

Those who have other beliefs are also responsible for taking issue with those who use the name of their Gods to commit atrocities

In fact all of us have reason to state our abhorrence of those who kill

Let alone in the name of a God

Time to be clear that appeasement does not work

Time to be clear so that our politicians "get it" too

Killing is not acceptable

Men with guns have too long intimidated

Time to say no to killing of any kind

Society must let the killers know and those who give the orders also that they will be hunted down and tried

Not easy however it starts with all of us voicing our outrage whenever possible and appropriate

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