Friday, January 16, 2009

Empty feeling

No need to describe really

We have all had them

Just feeling a loss of meaning, of anything being of any use

No interest in carrying on


Total despair

Before you hit this again

And indeed hopefully you will not

However if you do then it is sensible to have done some work beforehand to mitigate the despair

Firstly suicide is a no no

Suicide solves nothing and places the higher you in some considerable jeopardy

Suicide means hanging around until the time you would have died in a most unpleasant state with no relief or way out. None
Another reason is that nature does not accept suicide so you will have to experience another life where you will have to face the same or a similar situation over and over until you face up to whatever it is

So suicide whatever the pressure or despair is out

Get this fixed firmly in your mind that there is to be no suicide

Never, no way, no how, will you go down this avenue

Secondly whatever comes your way you will see it through

Whatever pain or loss or grief comes your way you will fight your way through it

Know this grief is natural and correct all of us should grieve

Not for ever and not as a way of abandoning our own journey

However close we are to someone we did not comes here only for them

We came into this life to grow our own souls

To create and experience our own journey
Thirdly understand that only time heals

Time we must come through

So get busy occupy your time and self

Be near life and those who are loving life

Put yourself around positive people

Do these things before life drives you to despair


Because when and if you hit such a time you will not be in any state to think clearly

Do so in advance so it is there for you if and when such a time comes

Preparation can alleviate a lot of pain and despair

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