Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Helps us to put things into perspective:

Human beings have this habit of letting the bad things in life fill their mental vision leaving precious little or no room for the good

We find that this habit also seems to be reflected and perpetuated in our television, newspapers and other media.

As individuals it takes just one bad thing to happen for us for us to get depressed, no matter how many good things are happening to us at the same time

This is where gratitude comes in

By becoming aware of the importance of gratitude we can stop and reverse the process of automatic depression that kicks in whenever we have bad news.

Gratitude lifts us above and away from the up and downs of life.

The more you learn to be grateful the more it expands until even when bad news comes along you find that you are putting this into a wider perspective

A wider perspective that understands that good and bad are just experiences that make you wiser and stronger

And all of this is leading you towards greater peace of mind

Peace of mind as we often write is what all of us want to find and attain

This effort leads us to slowly recognise that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves

That we are part of the universe

That we are part of something so much more powerful than our limited being

Our limited egos if you will

Gratitude is felt as an emotion, by our hearts

It awakens a higher part of our being

To awaken and grow this quality for this is what it is requires effort and daily work

Simply we are not in the habit of feeling gratitude and so need to work on it

Every day until our minds move away from automatic misery

Re programming our minds to move beyond and above our current responses to bad news

In the morning is a good time as we are usually alone at some time in our waking and going to work or wherever

Take five or more good points to be grateful about every morning

Clearly identify them

Clearly say to yourself that you are grateful

Get in the habit of expressing gratitude whenever you experience good news

And when you experience bad let it slide into a higher context where you can see it differently

Over time many events or items that today appear to be bad news will be seen to have really been good news later
And do you show gratitude when you realize this to have been so or do you just dismiss this thought?

Yes it takes work to feel gratitude as a reflexive experience
However the rewards are very powerful to our growing

And lead us to increasing peace of mind

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