Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just plain mean

Just mean, really mean
And we all know some

Tight with money

Not just tight never offers to pay for anything either

Always whining about the cost of everything

Always relates everything to money

Happy to buy things for self though
Never offers to pay always finds ways to avoid offering help in any given situation

When you look around it is surprising how many people are mean

Always talking about money and how much things cost

How difficult times are

And this just before you hear that they have just spent a lot of money on a holiday

Or just bought a new car or whatever

Being mean with money is usually accompanied by a meanness of character

Being mean with money is a choice people make

A life choice

Unfortunately it extends into everything else as well

Mean people show their meanness in so many little ways

Ways that are forever restrictive


Usually at the expense of others

So if you are mean then time to look at what it does to others

Then look at what it does to yourself

Meanness closes options, spoils relationships, isolates you in your little world of meanness

Shuts down love and other possibilities because everything is valued in money and can only be understood in monetary terms because this is what life has been reduced to

A monetary zero sum game

Everything is analysed for it's cost or advantage

Nothing is spontaneous

Everything calculated

So if you are mean be warned meanness is dangerous not only to your health but also your experience of life

A life lived in meanness is a life wasted

Determine to live a life of love not meanness

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