Saturday, April 18, 2009

Old children

Inside we are all children in some ways

We do not feel ourselves old inside even though our bodies are aging

We think we are still young

We think that we are still in touch with things

Until some younger people show us clearly that our views are not theirs

That our thinking and views are out of step with theirs

Showing us that we are indeed of a different mindset and generation

Like generations before us we are just trying to make our way through life

Caught up in the minutiae of daily life

Life hurtling by

Children give us the reality on our own ageing

Their laughter, their spontaneous behaviour so often we know has been left behind in our own lives

And when the sportsmen and women look so young and we think I could not do that

In fact when everyone begins to look young

We could say we are old, getting older

And inside you is the child still there?

Is your sense of humour intact?

Do you still have curiosity?

What has changed for you in your life inside?

Are you still growing inside?

If you stopped then nothing to say really because your life can only be endless repetitions

Growing inside is what brings meaning to our lives

Repetitions become stale after a while

Only TV and videos to amuse and dull us

Dull us into stale routines

If on the other hand you keep the child inside alive life can sparkle every day at the wonder of learning and growing

Humble in the knowledge of how little we know

Happy to be here

The child inside alive and well

Living in the peace of mind that can come with such a life choice
Keep your child alive!

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