Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Where else should she be

A funny little phrase but interesting to think about

It means simply that most of us are predictable

We are at home

We are at work

We are at the fitness club

We are shopping at superstore x

We are predictable in a nutshell

Most of us are in patterns of life that often we do not even notice

We eat the same few things most of the time

We go out and come home at nearly the same time each day

We wear the same clothes

We watch and listen to the same programs

We even say the same things over and over

And then we wonder why our lives are unsatisfying

Decide to change things this year
Shop differently by challenging your own tastes, what is your favourite colour, really?

Eat more varied foods

Listen and watch different programs

Without thinking so many lives are so automated that people do not have to think about their daily activities

And this is the cause of so many problems

People need stimulus

People need variety

With or without money is not the point

It is your involvement with life

Make it more interesting

Only you can do this, only you can decide to be curious

Only you can decide to change

Make this year one of change

Changes you choose

Live life as if it is your last day

Tell those you love that you love them

Call those you meant to call

Write that note you meant to send

Find beauty in all you see

Challenge those who would say where else should she be?

Surprise yourself


Ravi Vooda said...

excellent post..
sure this makes me question myself how much am i really doing it..

Anonymous said...

That's good. Variety is the spice of life as they say. .