Thursday, March 19, 2009


Is a term loosely used by many self styled gurus and so called Masters


Few of these people can define enlightenment let alone claim to have attained that state

As a modern con it has few equals as it allows the modern scam artist the chance to fleece people

They do this by offering courses and products that will allegedly help the purchaser to advance in their life journey

Claiming to have insights and knowledge, all of which is hard to challenge when the average person knows so little of these things

As a small help to avoiding the pain of being bilked pay attention to these comments

To our knowledge no true Master takes money for anything

No true Master is teaching anything to the public

No true Master is even known to the public

Any true Master can articulate whatever he wants in a concise, clear and short manner

He does not ramble on endlessly in a confusing manner, he is not in his ego

No Master says that this and that are secret or cannot be discussed

Where things are esoteric he does not go

He does offer help

He never refuses help

Where he comes into contact with people he will offer insights and help appropriate to that person's needs

Which he does in a clear and simple manner

There are many people who claim abilities, trust your intuition and beware those offering courses in enlightenment or anything else in this area where the person offering is not able to answer your queries or questions in a simple clear and easily understood manner

Masters do not offer courses

Masters do not solicit

Masters are rare and seldom encountered
Steps on the path must be undertaken by you because this is what you feel to do

Nature will support you as when this is correct

Not when you want it

Not on your terms

But when you truly need it

Enlightenment is so far away that you can forget it

Just focus on being the best you can in whatever comes your way day by day

Consciousness evolution is attained by pursuing the truth of things

Enlightenment is something that has been written and spoken about since time immemorial

Enlightenment is the basis of all world teachings however distorted they have become today

True spiritual or consciousness evolution is achieved by being the best you can everyday in every way

Enlightenment is many lives away just focus on the here and now

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