Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Control freaks

Yes you know who you are

Well most of you do

For those who do not try the following

Are you always right?

Are other people always misunderstanding you?

Are you neat and tidy in your physical habits?

Careful and organised

But maybe not so squeaky clean in your private thoughts?

Do you often say "yes but" shutting down positive options

Where are we going with this?

A simple suggestion

If this state is not one you want to stay in then time to change


Go in the woods or some quite place and scream

Shout as loudly as you can

Do this many times

Do this often

When at home or in the car sing

Do this several times

Do this often

If you really let go then you will start to change

Constipation is not nice and for sure if you are a control freak then part of you is constipated

Shouting and singing in various forms used to be a strong element many societies cultural heritage, which unfortunately today for the most part is lost

Karaoke is popular as are revival churches, both promoting singing as a powerful part of their experience
However if this is not for you then try somewhere on your own where you can really let go

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