Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not just you

Getting a headache

Feeling iffy for no clear reason

Feeling worried where nothing has apparently changed

Stressed when nothing is different

Feeling heavy headed for no apparent reason

Often we are convinced that it is only us that is experiencing one or all of these

True this might be the case that it is you alone experiencing this

But then again it can often be that many people are experiencing this at the same time

When earthquakes and volcanoes are about to arrive sensitive people feel physical nervousness or other symptoms of anticipation or premonition

More to the point today more people are worrying than at any time in the planets recent history

True a lot of us have watched football matches or the Olympics at the same time and felt the same or similar emotions

These were usually positive

9/11 was a different kind of global experience as many around the world watched this at the same time

What we are talking about here though is a little more subtle

Nothing gets written about it

No TV pictures, no interviews, no discussions

Nothing much at all just us individually feeling nervous and twitchy

So next time you feel this ask someone around you how they feel

We suspect you will be surprised to find out how often we are all feeling the same nervousness if we can call it that

We are today extremely ill informed about subtle energies

And have little knowledge about them

Subtle energies have been known to man throughout history

We observe nervous animal behaviour before tsunamis and other impending natural disasters

We observe our own changes or those of others at or around full moon time

So how come we have paid so little attention to this field of knowledge?

Poor material world so full of pride in our technological progress and so ignorant about subtle things

Improving your own knowledge in this field is worthwhile because it helps you learn more about yourself and what causes many of your feelings that today seem random and unrelated

To start next time you feel iffy ask others how they feel
Learn to notice clearly when you feel iffy and label it as such
Do something that requires total concentration over a period of time
Make it your objective to be openly appreciative of all you have
Accept that life is cyclical and that ups will follow the downs
Ups come along more frequently when we look for the positive in everything
Do so

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