Friday, June 19, 2009


We live in an area where people fly tip wherever they feel like it

The kids drop papers, wrappings, bottles and so on wherever they feel like it

For us it is hard to believe that people can have no feeling or respect for the area they live in

How can people drop their rubbish in the very streets they walk down every day?

Allow their children to drop rubbish right in front of the houses they live in?

How can parents allow their children to do this?

Answer the parents are uneducated

Many have no interest in what their children get up to

Many have no idea where their children are

Others come from cultures and backgrounds where dropping your rubbish in the street is OK

The two main groups of Asians and Blacks in our area do not like each other very much and so tend to create tension as they pass each other

They do not communicate with each other so rubbish is left for the council to collect

No one would think of telling the admittedly tough neighborhood kids to pick up their rubbish

Few ever bother to report fly tipping

Schools do not teach children to pick up their rubbish

So both schools and parents must bear responsibility for this sorry state of affairs

For us three years is enough

Shame because the surrounding area is not bad with easy accesss to parks and shops

Living in a tough neighborhood with violence never far away is OK for a while but when you realise that the neighborhood will not change

Cannot change

Is even getting worse with police cars now sometimes being stationed in the street itself

The gangs getting more dangerous as the kids move from junior to senior crimes

You practice the art of the possible and move on yourself

The shame is it need not be this way

It need never be this way if people cared

Several of our neighbours did care and have been beaten and abused for their troubles

Such is the slippery slope of violence

Time to move on

Thanks for the lessons, shame for the kids

In the end no one wins

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