Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The gods are the higher inhabitants of nature ... its informing principles.

They are as much subject to the wills and energies of still higher beings

Call these will and energies the "laws" of higher beings

If you will -- as we are

And as are the kingdoms of nature below us.

The ancients put realities, living beings, in the place of laws

Which, as Occidentals use the term, are only abstractions

An expression for the action of entities in nature

The ancients did not cheat themselves so easily with words

They called them gods, spiritual entities

Not one single great thinker of the ancients

Until the Christian era, ever talked about laws of nature

As if these laws were living entities

As if these abstractions were actual entities which did things

Did the laws of navigation ever navigate a ship?

Does the law of gravity pull the planets together?

Does it unite or pull the atoms together?

This word law is simply a mental abstraction signifying unerring action of conscious and semi-conscious energies in nature.'

OG 53-4 - G. de Purucker

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