Sunday, July 05, 2009

My mind

Controls me

Is this true for you?

Ever thought that your mind controls you?

Whenever it wants it can interrupt you

Frighten you

Irritate you

Help you

Harm you

And more than this keep thoughts flooding into your brain all day long


Does this seem normal to you?

Modern man accepts that he has thoughts running around his head all day long as being quite natural

The ancients understood that this is not a good thing

We need peace

We need quiet

We need time without thought

Time to rest

Time for our bodies to heal

Our modern world has enough stress in it without adding to it ourselves

So how do you stop minds endless chatter?

By imposing discipline as you would with a child or an animal

By training it to leave you alone when asked to do so

By teaching it to keep quiet

And this is the most difficult thing a modern human can do

We do not have the patience

We do not have the time

We are too busy with more important things

Until we have a break down, cancer, heart attack or other device that nature uses to make us stop

So often humans only learn when it is so late in the day

And you?

Will you learn before it is too late?

A controlled mind allows you to become the master of your self

In the beginning learn to be the observer

The observer of yourself

Just what is your mind feeding you all day long

Is it fear?

Bad news?


What is your mind feeding you?

Try to push it's thoughts away

Stay in the present moment

No worrying about the past

No worrying about the future

Just live in this moment now

And when you get good at this then time for the big one

How to control my mind?

Only way known is through meditation

Meditation for five or ten minutes a day will suffice

Every day

Unless it is every day your mind will assume this is just another of your fads

The meditation is simple

Choose a time that fits your nature

Wear comfortable clothes

Turn off all devices that might interrupt

Find a quiet place

Face the East

It''s where the sun comes up wherever you are

Sit in a semi lotus

Alternatively sit on a chair back straight, legs uncrossed, away from the back of the chair using your own spine

Place your hands one on each thigh, palms facing up

Shut your eyes

Breath in and out normally

Listen to your in and out breath

Stop all thoughts

They will be many, did I turn off the phone, I have to meet Fred for lunch, I feel an itch on my nose

I do not really need to do this

And so on and on

This is war make no mistake

Nothing less than control of you is at stake and mind is not going to give in without a fight

Day in day out during your meditation mind will battle you for control

If you keep going then one day weeks, months down the road suddenly

You will realise that you are not thinking

And of course in this moment you have started thinking again

No matter once you have been in this space you will want more


Because it is the most beautiful, safe place you have ever experienced

And once tasted we all want more

And now you know it is possible you can fight on knowing that you will win

And once you can go there whenever you want

You are on the way to becoming the master of yourself


Because when mind cannot dictate fear and stress to you at will you are able to control you mind]

And when you control your mind you arrive at peace of mind

And peace of mind is what all humans want

With peace of mind goes better judgement

Better decisions

Freedom from fear

Release from stress

And yes this is why we bang on about doing this

It is also the gateway to other realms

To harmony between the brain hemispheres

It is what all the major religious books are about

The battle with ourselves

Oh it is without doubt the hardest thing you can do

So when people say to you meditation is easy

Take this with a pinch of salt

Many people feel compelled to lie about this

No matter, what others say is not important

What is important is for you to master yourself


Alexandra said...

Funny, normally first thing I do is meditating as you say, yet today I did not feel like it and read your blog first. Then I had a really good meditation like not in weeks! So thank you!!!

camilyn said...


You've an extremely wonderful blog. Most of the people usually do not comprehend what mind power can do to one's achievements.

Mano said...


You've a very good weblog. To grow to be a profitable man or woman the standard point is always to have positive thinking.