Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scare point health

Is not what we want to talk or think about

However we live in a world with populations concentrated in cities world wide

With lifestyles that bring us into close proximity with each other in shopping malls, sports events, gigs, trains, buses, planes, work places, restaurants you name it

Not easy to avoid each other and as we live in these dangerous times it might be smart to know what we can do

On the health front a pandemic is one of the more likely events to come our way

A major health issue where swine flu, SARS or another as yet unknown nasty gets loose

Chances are that this will happen over the next few decades

True defence possibilities are extremely limited because of the speed of virus mutation and the lead times needed to produce a tailored response

And even the best vaccine will only give limited protection by reducing the time of infection

None can offer total protection

So what can be done?

Having a strong immune system obviously is a good starting point

Most importantly a strong spiritual state is the most effective defence by far

This might not seem obvious until you look at history for clues and see that those who worked in leper colonies and in plague infected areas had no protection and yet many doctors, nurses and helpers survived

So how come they didn't get infected?

How come they did not die?

A curious answer

Around all of us is what people commonly call an aura

Imagine it as a plastic bubble or shield that encases us

The size of this bubble is a function of our energy profile

Angry, violent, evil people have small shields

Loving caring people have larger bubbles

Spiritually evolved people have even larger bubbles

Essentially these bubbles offer protection against the viruses

The virus cannot penetrate the bubble or shield of the spiritually evolved person

And this is why those ancestors did not die even when working in such difficult conditions

You will not find this statement in any books however it is the truth and the way it works

So this might be a reason to develop your spiritual strength

The irony is that those who have such a strong protection seldom care about their own well being

They care more about the well being of others

Those they help

Which is how they developed their spiritual strength in the first place

As we have often said consciousness evolution is the movement towards altruism


Alexandra said...

cool blog! I often feel that my only real protection is goodness, that when I feel trouble coming my way this thought reassures me and makes me feel safe!

Antony said...

A simple idea, difficult for many to believe, and even more difficult to achieve