Monday, July 27, 2009

Something you probably think you know

That your life is precious and to you at least this is probably true

Modern man is taught how precious life is

In other times man did not see life as being so precious, life being cheap and expendable

Man saw himself as being part physical man living in this world and the other part his soul being off planet as it were

Because of this his life on this planet was less important to him as he knew that his soul survived physical death

Modern man, in the West at least, is not so sure about this

Today many do not accept that they even have a soul

Having the false heroic idea that it is all over when they die

We say false heroic because it makes for nice macho I don't care kind of chit chat

A short consideration of this idea though says evolution is evident everywhere

And in our case yes we all have a soul or spirit how else can evolution walk onwards for a self reflective consciousness?

'It would be utterly meaningless if we simply appeared on this earth for one short earth life and then vanished and no good came of it, or mayhap no retribution for our evil doings

We are here because we have been here before, because here we sowed seeds of destiny, and we come back on this earth to reap those seeds which we sowed

Our very being here . . . is a proof of reincarnation

Otherwise we must say cosmic law put us here by chance.

And who believes that?

If fortuity governed this world we would see the stars in their courses and all the planets running helter skelter all over the cosmic spaces without law, without reason, without order, without intelligence, without system.'

WoS 274-5 - G de Purucker

And who in arguing against reincarnation has ever thought to acknowledge that the stars and planets having order in their movements dictate against a random one off meaningless experience for man?

Yes your physical life is important, but not probably in the way you think

It is important because through your actions here you create your next life

All the good things you do in this life going to expand your soul experience and the bad being noted for future karmic payment

A small consideration on your part will show that doing the best you can everyday in whatever comes your way is a pretty neat use of your time under any scenario

Something now you know

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