Thursday, July 30, 2009

They felt it back then too - 1

There is nothing a child so keenly resents

Nothing that so embitters an adult

As a feeling that he has been unjustly treated

People will accept misfortunes, at least without bitterness

If they know that they deserve them

Unfortunately in the confused and distorted mental outlook of today

With selfishness so rife and the everyman for himself doctrine so commonly practiced

There is in the western lands no confidence in the justice of things

How could there be after centuries of false teachings and counter strokes of revenge all down the ages until few can be found who are not in the tangle?

Nothing but a true philosophy of life can possibly make people face the facts

There must be a broader outlook than the one-life theory offers

Some chance to harmonise with justice the frequent sight of good punished and bad rewarded must be given to men before they can clear their hearts of bitterness

Turn suspicion into trust

And shake off the deceiving lenses which have disguised every brother as an alien

G W van Pelt

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