Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Top level

Top level sportsmen and sportswomen share several things in common, whatever their sport

They all have ability

They are all driven to win

They all train harder than most

They can stand immense pressure be it physical, mental, or emotional

They are prepared to make all the necessary sacrifices in pursuit of their goals

And this is where they are really different

Their inner belief in themselves

An unshakable belief that they will prevail

And guess what?

They usually do

And why am I writing this?
Because life itself is no different
To be successful in life is analogous
Not the winning at all costs
Nor the pursuit of materialistic goals
These are the kiddy stuff
The understanding of what life really is
Real life is also unremitting struggle\
And importantly a successful life is where the individual has an unshakeable inner belief
A belief in himself that whatever comes his way he will surmount
His morality is unshakeable
His purpose a contribution
A contribution in whatever way life allows
Being the best he can everyday in whatever comes his way

Life is not a weekend hobby to be taken up when we are bored

It is not about having it easy, doing a few courses
Chasing constant happiness

Can you believe that some people actually feel that life is just about being happy?

Happiness is an emotion that comes and goes, and by definition is unpredictable

Sure you can increase the likelihood of having more rather than less

But to think that this is an objective is ridiculous when all of us without exception experience the pain of life

The real substance of life life is struggle

Struggle to learn what it is all about

Struggle to master our inner selves

Struggle to overcome our fears

Struggle to learn patience

Struggle to learn humility

Struggle to live with powerlessness

Sound tough?

Yes it is

However the irony is that this is really the easy way

How come?

Imagine being asked to meet someone on the other side of a mountain

And choosing to go round the base of the mountain because it looks easier

Then finding that there are swamps and dangerous man eating animals along the way

Too late to go over the top you are committed

Had you known before you would have gone over the top of the mountain

And this is really like life


We look at it and decide to go round the bottom because we have no reason to imagine that it is the hard way

Our culture says it is all about making money, which is said to be the measure of success

Finding business or career success

Enjoying ourselves having fun

Finding the easy way

No one tells us that this is the hard way

That if we follow this "easy" path we will find out around middle age that it was a con

That cancer, heart attack, business failure, middle age crisis are real and sit there waiting for us

Life becomes more dissatisfying when the only objective is self indulgence

When the only pursuit is monetary reward and happiness

It does not work

True satisfaction comes from service

Service to others

The pursuit of knowledge and understanding

So true life is about fighting ourselves to see clearly what is going on and what things are really all about

Overcoming our fears that block our understanding

Having the courage and will power to fight our weakness and fears

Looking at your own life

Have you accepted that it is struggle?

For those of you who have decided to go over the mountain

The true way towards spiritual growth is by healing yourself

This means just that physical, mental and emotional

And if you do?

Then we can only share our own experience that it is an amazing journey

Showing you pastures unimagined

Clarity of purpose relieving you of stress and fear

Growing not for yourself

But in helping others
Take on board the idea that life is constant struggle

And when you do then the struggle changes it becomes engrossing and rewarding rather than frightening and depressing

Sometimes your top sportsmen and women move on too although most though stay stuck with the one activity

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