Thursday, July 02, 2009

What's important

Most of us have different ideas as to what is important in life

For some it is money

For others a car and house

Maybe clothes

Music, vacations, chilling out

And so the list goes on

What cannot be disputed is that good health is right up there

If we can agree that good health is the one, without which life is pretty tough, then here's a thought

We cannot know today what we ingest because so many nasty elements get into our food and drink

We cannot do much about the air we breath

Nor can we do much about the times we live in

What we can do is to increase our chances of staying healthy

And number one in this section is our attitude

Is our understanding about life

If we have no idea and have never thought about it then for sure we will just be buffeted about because that's what happens to those who don't care or have any interest

For those who wonder here is what we know

Being comfortable with reincarnation and karma is a real weight off our shoulders because it explains so much

It also helps us see why we are here

What we should do with our lives

Helps us be more relaxed about things

Leading on from this we can see the design and meaning of life more clearly

This means we can smile more and feel happier about what comes our way

Struggle to grow and do so now with understanding as to the why and what for

Having a handle on the why and wherefore of life makes things more agreeable

Being aware that we and only we are responsible for what happens to us is a relief

Not feeling powerless even when in difficult situations that we cannot change

Knowing that our actions lead to what we experience later

For sure at first it is a stretch to believe this

So easy to blame everything on others

To shrug and say it's predetermined

No it is not predetermined

It is us who determine what happens

Nature operates impersonally as do the oceans

It is not the wave that drowned the man

Rather the actions that put him under the wave

So what's important in your life is not just your actions but rather your thoughts

Thoughts come before actions

They do count for so much

They influence our behaviour

They colour all that we experience

Stands to reason if your thoughts are miserable then this will colour all you experience

Our thoughts, our attitude to life are what is important

And these are ours

Ours alone

What goes on inside your head?

This is what is important

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