Sunday, August 23, 2009


Do you suffer from desynchronosis?

You know, chronic tiredness, disorientation, stomach upsets, and stinging red-eyes?

Jet lag, as it's more commonly known, can consign you to the zombie zone, usually populated only by new parents.

There's a fairly obvious and simple one, of course: don't fly.

But acknowledging the fact that people do fly to go on holiday, or have to fly for work or to see family members jet lag is an issue for many

Do you avoid alcohol and caffeine and max out on tomato juice and water, as recommended on the NHS website?

Do you stay up all night before a long flight or starve yourself to trick your body into thinking it's in another time zone?

Do you take homeopathic pills or ingest the extract from the bark of a French pine tree for seven days, as advocated by another recent medical survey?

Or do you simply hit the sleeping pills?

Whatever you do

Stay up and go to bed at your normal time in local time when you get there

Better drink only water while flying

Sleep and doze if you can

Feel no fear the pilot does not want to die either

Flying is much safer than crossing your local roads at home

Flying West to East is tougher

North to South or vica versa not too bad at all

If aircraft noises trouble you then play some music, wear earphones

Whatever your system or approach make the trip an acceptable one psychologically

Remember you are going somewhere different, wherever it is regard this with pleasure

Feel good about the change however long or short

If coming back then take the good memories with you, leave the others behind

It is your state of mind that determines how you experience travel

All too often we let negative media stories influence our experience of travel

Create your own stories

Make them fun and happy ones
Being tired is OK when you let yourself accept that it is OK
Modern travel for all it's pains can also be OK
Your choice
Oh, and desynchronosis is fine too
Just your state of mind is all

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