Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The key

Looking for the key?
The key to life

The key to advancing your consciousness that is

There are other keys for other things, however the key to life is the most important
And advancing our consciousness is the only way this can be found

The only way out of human toil

The only way to move towards genuine enlightenment

Yes the real key

Some might say this as impossible

Too many variables

Too many elements

Too many confusing ideas around

Yes that's all true

And yet

Since time immemorial we have been told

Know thyself

Yes we say but

Usually the but is because we have not really thought about this simple phrase

So if you want to find the key it is you

You are your own key

Nothing outside

Nothing mysterious

'Just' knowing yourself

No 'just' about it really because knowing ourselves truly is tough a very tough ask

And to do this requires discipline, courage, will power and hard work

Yes all of the above and then some

And where does this lead?

To greater peace of mind


Increasing love for all

And as a word of caution this is not weekend warrior work

It is constant 24/7 work for the rest of this life
And the work?
Finding our fears
Getting them out, looking at them
Searching for the truth of things
Learning humility
Accepting life as it is doing the best we can every day
Learning to know ourselves and that is where the key is

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