Saturday, August 01, 2009

They had ideas back then too - 3

An honest whole hearted belief in the law of karma in it's relation to life as a whole would alone completely change the character of our civilisation

This may, perhaps, seem an extravagant claim to those not understanding its deep meaning

Yet the mere broadening of the present day outlook would in itself be a wonderful thing

Human minds are now concentrated on one physical incarnation ,a mere wink of the eye in the souls history

And all events contained in it assume an undue importance in one way and a lack of importance in another

The sense of proportion and perspective is absolutely lost and can only be regained by lifting the veil and revealing the illimitable vistas beyond

Simple common sense would then call into play the faculties of reflection and judgement to say nothing of the awakening in the spiritual nature

Gradually self-discipline would grow, beginning, perhaps, in self interest, but merging by degrees into something greater, until the character is radically altered

Self-pity and whining would be stamped out when the realisation came that misfortunes had been self-induced, and courage, will, and endurance would be evoked

There would be less condemnation and uncharitable criticism, and more kindness, more patience with the failings of others, if a deeper understanding of the difficulties as well as the possibilities in human nature were in the human race

We all know that among the subtle poisons of our life is the tendency to criticise others, to judge them unkindly, to impute of them unworthy motives etc

And we also know how this takes the edge off every pleasure, and on the contrary, how fresh and clear the air is when suspicion is absent and an atmosphere of healthy sympathy exists

The knowledge that one is master of his own destiny would remove the fear that at any time, out of the blue, an avalanche of misfortune might be precipitated, once that the old records are cleaned up and the knowledge that these old records themselves can be softened in their results or even sometimes neutralized by the force of will intelligently directed, would arouse courage

The easy going irresponsibilities, the indifferent, would gradually awaken if the truth of karma were in the minds of the majority,for by degrees, these sleepers would feel such an invigorating mental atmosphere

Further when the teaching of karma is realized, people will not seek to get something for nothing, or envy those who have more than themselves

They will know that time and the rolling cycles adjust all wrongs, that the only way to get life's treasures is to concentrate on the duty in hand and leave the results to the Law

G W van Pelt


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