Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hiding, falling apart

However we play with the statistics to cover up the converging crises of our time, the crises continue to intensify.

We can euphemize the autism crisis away,

We can do the same with the obesity epidemic,

Or the soil crisis,

And then the water crisis,

Or the so called energy crisis

Then there is the financial crisis

Or the so called war on terror

We can dumb down standardized exams to cover up the accelerating implosion of the educational system.

We can redefine people in and out of poverty and manipulate economic statistics.

We can declare - simply declare - that the forests are not in precipitous decline.

For a while we can hide the gathering collapse of environment and polity, economy and ecology, but eventually reality will break through

How exciting to be living in these times

No fear please just live life to the max

And be clear we all have a role to play

Your thoughts have power, be clear therefore to find and think a better future

And how can you do this when you do not in your soul believe this to be true?

Get real and discover that there is amongst all the garbage a truth

A truth about life

About why we are here

Why you are here life after life

And once you get this then you see how your own unique contribution is important

Make this your journey to understand the why and what of our lives

Find out about the perennial or ageless wisdom

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