Friday, September 18, 2009

They lie, their power wanes

They lie about the dangers of high voltage power lines and mobile phones

They lie about the effects of genetically modified seeds and foods

They lie about the dangers of multiple vaccinations

They lie about the economy

They lie about global warming

About climate change

And so the list goes on and yet something is changing

What is changing is that there are so many lies on so many subjects that people are no longer listening

The liars are ever more strident

Swine flu is a pandemic and will kill millions

Maybe in will but so far has been less dangerous than a typical seasonal influenza

Has anyone apologised?

Has anyone said we might be wrong?

And now we are hearing that there might be dangers with the Government recommended vaccinations
From all of these endless stories of doom and despair we see that life goes on
Indeed many are fed up with this endless stream of doom

Finally coming home to more and more is that we do not need to listen

And that is what has been happening fewer and fewer people are listening

Less people watch the news

Less people pay attention

When you cannot alter

When you cannot change

When it is the same lie after lie with endless contradictions

We turn off

We go elsewhere

We no longer feel the same way

We do not need to live in fear
Lift your head enjoy beauty turn to the light
Find pleasure in life
Find pleasure in everything you do
Let the liars rant on
Let them talk to themselves
And if they ask you then tell them they are full of sh*t
The change is happening we do not need to buy into their lies
Life is amazing
Live it as such

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