Saturday, September 26, 2009

What comes next

More disturbances of that we can be sure

Increasing climate change is seeing to that

Whatever the decisions of our leaders nature is flexing her muscles

Every part of the world is experiencing extremes of weather change

El Nino is coming back for how long and how hard we do not know

All around are signs of change

Change costs money, lots of money

Money to prepare to resist or defend

Money to rebuild

Money to remove or relocate

This money can only come from you and me

Unfortunately our money is already taken in a million ways by current taxation's

So where will this money come from?

Governments are thinking the unthinkable from cuts in services to shelving projects

Cuts must come

And this is where sanity might intrude

Discussion and arguments about how to save and spend

And if this is still not enough?

First the poor countries must suffer

Then the poor in wealthier countries

This is talk about economic well being

It misses that other discussion about how we experience our lives

Our lives are increasingly controlled in every aspect

Life should entail risk

Life should not be about unduly eliminating risk

Pretending that this is possible is a crime

A crime that governments embrace to advance their own agendas

An endless proliferation of controls

Thank you enough is enough

Nature is showing her muscles

Governments everywhere are going to have to think the unthinkable

Further reduce spending

Further cuts in programs

All of us should be thankful because governments would never do this voluntarily
Will never cede power
Long may nature force sanity on the endless proliferation of government and it's controls on our lives

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