Monday, October 19, 2009

And this one

Bias due to race, culture, or status, is not logical for a species that wishes to rise above animal instinct.

Fear or mistrust of the unfamiliar serves to protect animals from danger; but man is an intelligent creature, and can determine the level of risk through reasoning.

There is no compelling reason to assume that a member of a different group would pose more of a danger than any other individual; but man is a victim, of not only instinct, but the sum of millions of years of conditioning.

The attitudes held by society shape each and every individual within it.

Most information a person acquires is filtered through others; everything taught in school is not necessarily the truth, but is what society perceives as the truth.

Centuries ago, science held that the universe revolved around the Earth; this was truth because all knowledge at the time established this to be so.

Human knowledge evolves slowly, with the influences of each member affecting the flow of change; each person altering society to varying degrees, for better or worse.

An apparent sudden alteration of human culture by an individual is not as it seems; for the actions of that person are the culmination of two million years of genetic and behavioral events, all leading to that one point in time.

Humanity, as a whole, is the result of the actions of every person that has ever lived; and is in a state of constant, gradual transition: but transition that is confined by limits set by instinct.

The animal drives are a major reason why new knowledge does not necessarily lead to widespread change.

The realization that followers of Animistic religions did not have magical powers may have stopped witch burning, but religious persecution continues.

Science has shown that the differences between races are superficial, but racism continues.
Man is a creature of habit; enlightenment will take time.

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